Art 3 Final Portfolio

1.      Success:
In my opinion, the chalk mural was our most successful project. The main reasons is because we planned, designed, collaborated and created a mural that was filled with perspective and showed our hard work. Also, it was the most viewed project that we did, everyone who walked into Apex saw it getting off the bus and getting back on. In addition, students who ate in the cafeteria would see it on their way to lunch and other activities and classes throughout the day, and people liked to look at it! I saw at least five different people take pictures with our mural behind them; it was a pretty exciting process seeing other’s reactions to our art.
The first reason why this project was so successful was because as a group we planned the project out. Our group of five spent around two days planning, sketching and formulating an idea that would transform into our design. It took some work to reach a consensus but not much, everyone was happy with what we were about to create. We reached a few draw backs that quickly led to more success.
First off, we originally wanted a wall that was rather off to the side that as we soon found out it is very susceptible to getting pounded by rain! After a big storm one weekend all of our sketches were washed away and we needed a new spot! Second, we tried a portion of the building that was under an overhang but the staff told Mr. Sands we couldn’t do any murals under the overhang. So third time the charm, we moved front and center to the main part of the courtyard. With no protection from the sun or viewers we started out on our chalk mural with big goals that turned into a reality.
The second reason why this mural was successful was that all five artists came together, worked hard in the sun and created what you can now see! Some days we felt like doing homework for another class or finishing another class project but instead we worked hard at the mural and got it done the day it was due! This project was the most successful because of all the collaboration that was given, and how we planned out our mural through thumb nail sketches and our final sketch.  


  2.      Do over:
If given the opportunity, the project I wish I could have done over 
would be my baseball project. The outcome was tacky and not pleasing to the eye. I really liked the thoughts and ideas and hard work that went into this project but the presentation of the idea did not fit my standard. I have no idea how to make this project better, I don’t even know where to start, it might get another try during the summer but we will have to see! I love baseball and the idea of a foul, fowl and foul ball but the way it turned out wasn’t at all what I had planned!


3.       Medium:
The medium that I enjoyed working with the most was house paint, yes, house paint! We (Hannah, Rachel and I) have been given the opportunity to paint a mural in a class room! SOOOOO exciting! We were given the chance to work on it when Mrs. Smith, an AOIT computer teacher requested us to paint a mural in her class room and we couldn’t let this chance go by untouched! Mrs. Smith wanted us to paint a mural that made people feel happy, comfortable and relaxed and many students when asked what they wanted said they wanted an underwater, ocean feel. So that is what they got! After a lot of planning we agreed on an abstract seaweed/under the sea look! So much fun, this project has made me want to be a painter! 


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