Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Project #1 AP

Tiger with Indian ink and micron pens
  For my concentration in art 5, I wanted to demonstrate human interactions with endangered animals. So for this piece I wanted to pick an animal I have long feared to draw because of its proportions and size, and that animal (in case you didn’t notice :) is a tiger. I was really excited to begin working on it and I have come to realize I really like to work in black and white. I love colors and have nothing against them, I just feel that it sometimes takes away from the point I am trying to make. Or, I pick a color palette that is the wrong mood for the piece. Basically, I want to use bright happy colors but I am trying to convey the sad and devastating problems humans have created for animal’s existence and I just can’t stand to use dark blues and greens. Also, I think the black and white show that there is only one stance you can take. You can’t pick poaching and preserving the animals, you can only pick one stance.

   I really enjoyed creating the tiger, playing around with Indian ink taught me to go really light and then keep darkening the piece as you go. Also showing the problems was a new challenge for me. Mainly because the men at the bottom of the piece show the threats tigers are facing, us. Tigers are exploited for their fur and meat that are used for decoration. It was hard for me to visualize how to create this piece.  I had a lot of advice with how to show the problems of poaching with Mrs. Rossi. When I started this project I was really confused on how to show the problems and the animal in the same picture, (the same problem I had with the sea turtles) After a lot of sketches and looking around I decided that the men should be hiding behind the tiger’s stripes in search for a tiger to hunt. I tried my best to make them camouflage but at the same time stand out. People around me helped and encouraged me through this new project which was very helpful!

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