Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Owl Print

To create this print, we first went to the Media Center to pick out two different animals and then printed out our pictures. I had chosen the barn owl and a lizard. I decided to do the barn owl instead of the lizard because the feather texture would be easier to show with the linoleum tile. My biggest challenge was that I was in a different art room working on the van art show competition, so I got behind the rest of the class. Since I was pretty behind I worked really hard and finished sketching the drawing onto the linoleum and carving it all in one class period. That was a bad idea on my part because it took most people two to three days to work on the carving, so I had to go back and smooth the lines out on the linoleum. Then the messy part of the project came into play, stamping! I personally didn’t like stamping because I had no idea what the art would look like so I thought, “Did the paint smear?” or “Did I use enough paint on the roller?” or “should I have spent more time carving?” For me it was messy and stressful, because if you didn’t like the paint color you would have to wash everything out really good. Personally, I overall enjoyed this art project, and if I could do anything differently I would have tried to make more distinction between the feathers and the sky.

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