Sunday, January 5, 2014

Questionable 3D Project

What’s questionable about your project?

You have all heard of a story where the fish starts out the size of a guppy and then turns into a whale, but as the story gets larger than life, believing it soon becomes a challenge. The concept behind this project was that every time the "Story" gets told, it gets bigger and bigger!! The questionable part of my project is that the fish was “This BIG!” which becomes harder and harder to believe as the number of stories increase.   
What medium did you use and why? 
Paint, Plaster AND Books! The paint was used (obviously) to create the fish and to cover the plastered hands. The plaster was for my hands, which was a cold and slimy experience. At one point my hand got stuck so we had to cut the plastered hand in order to get my hand out of the mold! The class next door to us had many used and old books, so I picked out the ones I wanted. I have never painted on books before, at first I felt a little guilty for painting them gold and white but at the end I was having a lot of fun!
How did you incorporate the concept of scale or proportion in your work?
I incorporated portion in my project by the fish on the books. The scale stayed the same with the size of the largemouth bass and my hands. The proportion of the fish increased as the story got bigger and bigger, but it still had the same scale as my hands! The fish had to stay proportionate when the fish grew larger; otherwise it would look like a few books were missing so I had to be careful about where I painted the fins.   

Painting the fish!

plastering my hand.... cold and slimy

Almost done...

"big fish..."

"...little fish"

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