Sunday, December 1, 2013

Through the Looking-Glass

I picked Alice from Alice in Wonderland for my portrait. The reason why I choose Alice was because she went well with my medium, broken glass. While brainstorming for this project I decided broken glass would be a different and risky idea because I had never understood how movies makers videotaped people looking through a mirror without seeing the camera! I soon figured out that with a certain angle of the camera and of the photo that it was really easy to not have the camera in the shot. The risk I took was using a camera, because I feel a lot more comfortable with a paint brush or pencil. Choosing the black and white picture of Alice created more of a gloomy and calm effect but the Disney cartoon Alice created a happy and original feel.
 The choice of materials had a lot to do with who I picked. Originally I was looking at Snow White and the mirror on the wall, but I wanted to pick someone a little less thought about when it came to mirrors. To me, Alice seemed like a good choice to be behind a mirror.  
One of the biggest challenges I faced was getting the camera to focus on Alice, not the glass. I would usually just get lucky if the photo was clear because it tended to focus on the glass not Alice.

                                                                                     Alice with black paint and white color pencil

 Planing, sketching and practicing the look of Alice!
Through the looking glass, or the broken looking glass, really helped me figure out who the portrait should be of... Alice!

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