Sunday, February 9, 2014

First Snapshot: Appropriation Project

1. Artists create original art.
-think creatively
-develop original ideas
How did you use your own unique ideas in your work?
When I was planning this project, I didn’t have a really good idea that came to me first, but I liked the idea of a foul ball. The ball could be a literal foul ball, a fowl (aka a bird) ball or a ball in a foul mood. So many options! Next thought was to carve a base ball and make it look like a bird with angry eyes… if you can’t tell I don’t know much about a baseball! My art teacher had a base ball and he cut it open. I think I can safely say we were both pretty surprised about the content of a baseball! The inside of a baseball is pretty cool, and I soon realized that you can’t carve a baseball very well. Needless to say I still wanted to go ahead with the baseball and make it into a cute yet angry bird.

2. Artists take risks.
- try new things
- experiment
Did you try something that you weren’t sure about as part of this project?
I can safely say that I hardly ever do 3D projects, let alone carving up baseballs! I have played a lot of sports and I know that basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, tennis balls, ping pongs and figure skates are all hollow on the inside… but what’s in a baseball? It is one thing to Google it and a whole other thing to cut it open for yourself. I will stop ranting and get to the point, Mr. Sands cut open the base ball, I cut the strings off and then slipped the inside of the base ball out. The center of the baseball is cork… can cork get moldy? (EWW) Any way as soon as that was out of the way I hot glued the ball back together and it looked almost as good as new. Then I drew and then cut wings and a beak out of the ball and now I had a fowl ball!
Did you pick a material or technique that was new or different over something that was familiar?
The material that I picked out was not as familiar to me as paint or pencil was, I usually don’t carve out baseballs. The other materials that I am using is glue, (Elmer’s and hot) felt, and canvas. The goal is to create a baseball field with the base ball bird sitting outside of the line.

fowl/foul ball

5. Artists collaborate.
- share ideas and knowledge
- teach
- help
Did you ask another student for feedback during your work process?
I asked two students for help/feedback during my project. You can go and explore their art blogs at this link, and  . Hannah helped with deciding on that the bird and the base ball should be the same object. We were thinking about making a nest out of the inside of the ball but since it would kind of distract the audience from the piece we kept that out. Ariel helped me with the sand on the base ball field. So on the picture on the left you can see that there is a green “field” and a “home base”. I then glued sand all around the base and was concerned about the glue falling off of the base.( sand not in this picture) So Ariel told me to just put glue all over the sand again so it would create a seal, I am really excited to see how it turned out on Monday!
Did someone help you understand important information or inspire you?
My dad helped me come up with the idea of a foul ball, a foul mood and a fowl ball (Bird Ball). It was pretty exciting to realize all the different “foul” attitudes the ball could have!

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