Sunday, February 23, 2014

Second Snapshot Blog: Appropriation Project

Spray Paint + White paint

3. Artists communicate through their work.
- self-expres
- include personal interests
- examine important issues
What is this artwork intended to say?
What issues are you examining through your artwork?
How is this artwork about who you are or what you like?

My artwork is supposed to express three different meanings. One meaning is that this is literally a fowl ball, “it’s a bird…”. Next meaning is that the ball is a foul, it is out of bounds and doesn’t count. The final concept is that since the ball is out of bounds, it’s in a foul mood.  This art work does not have much to do with me but I believe this artwork demonstrates the challenges that people go through trying to learn English.  These three words sound the same and look pretty close but have three totally different meanings, which could be pretty confusing to understand at a base ball game! Imagine a conversation… “Oh look, another foul! Common! Hit it away from the line for once!!” …someone could think that you are talking about a bird!
6. Artists solve problems.
- try alternative solutions
- use mistakes as learning opportunities
How did you respond to challenges that occurred as you worked?
Did your work take an unexpected turn due to a mistake or did something happen that was unplanned?
Spray Painted white line
One of my challenges was to figure out where and what to make the white line out of. Spray paint worked for the sand but it did not work for the felt so I had to paint white over the line again. It was an easy thing to fix but now I know that paint sticks to felt very well but not to sand, and vise versa with the spray paint.  When I ran into a challenge I just kept working and trying new things and I would ask Mr. Sands what he thought and he had lots of great ideas. Nothing truly happened unexpectedly during my project, but then again I had no idea what I was doing at first!
7. Artists reflect.
- analyze work and process
When did you step back and analyze you work during this project?
Glue+Sand= first base
I stepped back and analyzed my project multiple times, which helped me plan out what I wanted to do next. The first time I did it is after a glued the sand down. I really didn’t like the way the project was heading and so I just pushed through and so far the outcome is better than I expected.  Another time I stepped back was when I finished spray painting and painting the line, I had to figure out how to get my little foul friend onto the canvas. So I got some help from my table and created an allusion using wire making the ball appear that it was floating!

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