Saturday, April 12, 2014

First Snapshot Blog: Perspective Project

The new project we are doing in art is a group project about perspective. I came up with the idea to have “busted through “ the wall and then have a garden or landscape behind it that people have never seen before(because the wall was covering it up). With the collaboration of the group the project evolved into four smaller places that were all connected to each other. I was hoping the project would only be one landscape but I feel that this new idea will cause individual talent and more collaboration to shine through which is going to be really exciting. Hannah, Rachel, Chastity and Nora are all in a group with me.  The first sketch is an idea that I came up with over spring break. The second sketch is the idea Hannah came up with which was really exciting and Chastity helped plan that the paths going through each work were connected to add another perspective. For the colored sketch I watercolor-painted the middle two and Hanna watercolor-painted the far right and left and Chastity painted it also.  From right to left the first one is Hannah’s picture which she drew and painted(Alaska), the second is Nora’s which she drew (Egypt), the third is Rachel and mine which she let me draw(lighthouse)  and the far right is Chastity’s and she drew hers.  

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