Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Color Pencil Bows

The Prism color pencil magazine had a competition for the month of the November and it was Bows! 80% of the piece had to be color pencil, which takes a lot of time! We could crop the picture however we wanted, but since I started early enough I wanted to do a large portion of the picture. I am still learning how to be patient with the color pencils, I had to go in lightly and slowly, otherwise the paper wouldn’t absorb any more color. I could tell that each bow I did got less detailed and more rushed, I need to learn some more technique with color pencils. Overall, I really enjoyed using color pencils and this project was a lot of fun, it got me into the Christmas spirit. I need to improve on my technique with color pencils and how detailed oriented I am, I focus too much on the end product, not the steps in between. Also, I need to learn how to add lighter colors first and how to layer the color pencil to improve the end product. This project was a lot of fun and it was really cool to see everyone else’s projects, it inspired me to work harder on my project! 

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