Thursday, January 8, 2015

Glass Jar #9

I wanted to draw a glass jar with prism colors, and I figured out what a challenge it is. In order to create a realistic looking jar I had to stick with the exact same highlights and shadows. I figured out that it was a lot easier said than done. The challenge was to have an accurate ellipse and the right highlights. I used a grid to achieve an accurate representation of the jar and to help me get a feel for where the jar curves and changes.  I wasn’t really sure how to draw glass, it’s clear and a lot of colors reflect on its surface creating a difficult piece to recreate. It was really helpful to go lightly in with the brightest colors and figure out where the shadows were to give a basic framework of how bright and dark everything else in the picture needed to be. I had a hard time creating a candle behind the jar, when I took the picture the only light source was a candle. That made it really challenging for me to make it distinct enough to make out, yet blurry enough to only show it was a light source.

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