Tuesday, February 12, 2013

iPad Value Study

          With the oil pastels in art, you had to work pretty hard to blend the colors together to get an amazing shade job, but with the iPad all you need is a steady hand and basic concept of shades. The iPad was fun and exciting to use but I quickly realized that the "smudge" tool took away all the concept of not smudging with your finger in art class. Our teacher taught us that by using your finger your create a shiny layer over your picture and you are really not getting the concept of blending all the shades by increasing the hardness of your pencil and lightning up. The Layers Pro app is definitely one of the best art apps I have ever used with the iPad, you get quick results and can have layers and change the opacity of the colors. Although you don't get as many options of brushes as Sketch book pro, the tool bar is quick and easy and very simple to save your work and upload it to a drop box or email. Overall, I would take a box of oil pastels over any iPad app though. Technology is important to share with other online, and some people can make things beautiful on an iPad, but I cannot.  :)

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