Thursday, May 15, 2014


Artists Collaborate

All throughout this project, there was so much involvement when it came to collaboration and feedback from others! “Should the sky be darker” or “should the water have more of the sun’s reflection in it?” were two questions I would ask others relentlessly! But to me, getting feedback from others including teachers that walked by was so vital to our creation of the mural. This is something students will look at when they step off the bus every morning till it gets washed off!
 When I was thinking of an idea for our next assignment, I thought it would be so cool to make a wall look like it got busted through and there was something behind it and all of the girls at my table helped contribute and add to this sketch. Without them, this would just be any old mural without the perspective!  My idea originally was a garden behind the wall and it would be like the “garden no one knew about at Apex” but the garden evolved into things we all loved, like the mountains, Egypt and for Rachel and I, the beach! We had so many conversations about, “oh I want to go now!” or “We should take a class field trip to Wilmington so we can look at sunsets!!”  Since Rachel and I both love the beach, it was easy to collaborate in how we wanted the ocean to look, the sun’s reflection and how the sky was portrayed.
Throughout the project we received feedback from other students in our art class and teachers that would walk by all the time, which made the project a lot more exciting! Every time people walked by they would tell us about how they liked the progress and what needed some improvement.  Working in the courtyard at Apex during second period gave us the chance to talk to other teachers and students that were passing by, like asking them what they thought needed to be improved.

I had so much fun with this Lighthouse!!

Artists Take Risks

            The last time I can honestly say I enjoyed playing with chalk would have to be tracing the outline of my brothers onto the road or hopscotch in our neighborhood, not in high school! This project has totally put me out of my comfort zone because we worked with bumpy bricks and messy chalk!  You probably have no idea why I am saying that chalk is a risk, but trying to get it onto a brick wall that is really uneven and coarse is a story untold! This project involved a lot of risks because for a few days it was just Rachel, Hannah and I out there on the wall and it was huge! The rest of our group did their share and more but some days we would look at the wall and be like, “why did we pick the longest, tallest and biggest wall to put our mural on?!” It turned out the perfect size and we finished at the perfect time with the help of all of our partners and other people in the courtyard who wanted to help, but the process was a little stressful! Will it ever be done? This project is the most fun I have had all year, 25% because it is the beach but 75% because I worked with awesome artist and people like Rachel, Nora, Hannah and Chassity!  



Rachel and I did this one



  1. I love the project! I'm an art teacher in Ohio and my students just finished a chalk mural too! I love how you treated the edges and let the bricks become a part of the image.

    1. Thanks! I have really wanted to do a chalk mural in our courtyard and I finally got to do it with some great artist. Hannah really made the bricks pop out, she has a blog of her art as well that would be cool to look at if you have the time!