Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Self Portrait

Did you learn new techniques or processes as part of the work for this project?
I learned some new techniques with this project! Having never done a stippling project on this large of a scale if ever at all, this was all new to me! Learning how to increase the contrast by adding dots or leaving it white really changed how I studied my picture’s contrast throughout the piece. Usually  I don’t pay attention to what shadings are going on throughout the picture unless I did something wrong and had to fix it… so this was a lot different for me! Without adding the shading, the portrait just looked flat and lifeless, so by adding all the depth through the pen, I learned a lot about how to make contrast by adding more shading. I ended up doing the face first to get a general idea how dark I was planning on going, which really changed how I approached this piece because I wanted to maintain a consistency on how dark my shading became.
Did you ask another student for feedback during your work process?
I asked a lot (as usual :) from other people what they thought and how I should change things in my project. This is my first real portrait I have tried to draw since 10th grade… and you can tell! I practiced a ton throughout my sketch book and they never really turned out to look like me. After a week and a half of drawling my face over and over again Mrs. Rossi let me compare it to holding it up to the projector and seeing what I had drawn incorrectly. Since it was really close to the projected image of my picture, I just made some minor adjustments and began to draw. I was getting a little behind because I didn’t start my project till the last few days before it was due so I had to put a lot of effort into it to make sure it resembled me. (and finished it in a timely manner)

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