Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Rhino #4

As these projects have progressed I have noticed I spend less and less time sketching and more time making the final. I feel like I have gotten better deciding what I what the piece to look like and spend less time figuring it out before I make the final. In most of my projects I feel like my first sketch is the best (other than my self-portrait, which needed a lot of help!!!) so I have tried to keep my first sketch and the final very similar so by making the final the first sketch or so it helps me save a lot of time!  I really like the way my concentration is looking, I enjoy the simplicity of the patterns yet they create a very busy and complicated overall looking animal. Some things I have learned from this project that it is very important to use coins and small circles to help make the gears and shapes have a good form and not be all lumpy and disproportionate. I had a lot of fun doing this rhino, other than the head I didn’t run into any major problems. One thing I want to get better at is perspective, like making the body look like it is round, things closer and further away and stuff. Also, I would like to learn some pen and ink styles to help me improve on my drawings.

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