Monday, March 2, 2015

Bear #5

So for this project I really wanted to do a bear. I struggled a lot with finding the right picture and layout. I really wanted to show the bear’s cute cuddly appearance and its wild side. I found it really difficult to show the perspective for the bear and the background. If you can’t tell yet I really like having a blank background, not really sure why. It’s most likely a combination of me not wanting to mess up the project, being just too lazy to add anything else, and I just like having the focus on one thing with no background distractions.
I liked doing the bear, I was really excited when I got to add some Native American designs into yet I struggled with the depth. In the photo, the bear had some very obvious parts to where things were raised and lowered and to my mistake I started adding these dark lines that showed the change in elevation yet created a rather choppy piece. I did this over the snow days so I didn’t stop to look back at my progress a lot, I was more focusing on getting it done which I believe affected the overall look. If I could do this project over again I would focus on perspective and make sure that the patterns were flowing into each other, not backing into the other one.  This piece is a lot different from my wolf, the wolf has movement and is very abstract, rather with the bear I feel like it is too stagnant and blending mechanical with organic designs which did not have the outcome I was intending.

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