Wednesday, March 4, 2015

giraffe #6

I learned a lot about myself through this project and really enjoyed yet I had some struggles in it also. I had a really hard time figuring out what the layout for this piece would look like. I wasn’t sure how zoomed in on the giraffes I should be and I am afraid I zoomed too far in. The giraffes in comparison with the other pieces I have made have soft and rough fur. This was a challenge for me because I hadn’t drawn a critter with multiple types of fur so it was hard for me to decide how to draw the mechanical aspect. I decided to do really small detail on the inside of the spots and make the spots big metal plates that had shading on them to make it look like metal. I had fun doing these giraffes, the only problem was that people didn’t know they were giraffes, people said deer, moose, and other animals of similar face structures. It was a little discouraging because I wasn’t sure how to make them look more giraffe like. I understand that I didn’t draw them perfect yet I enjoyed drawling them and enjoyed the composition.

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