Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Golden Eagle #7

Golden Eagles are my favorite bird, they are huge, majestic and crazy to look at. I used to think my favorite was the bald eagle but then I saw the golden eagle and was like never mind, this bird is so cool!! I tried to capture the movement of the bird soaring through the air and I tried to keep the mechanical aspect yet I struggled because I really wanted to show the light feathers of the bird. I think I need to go back to the mechanical look, I am starting to go more natural looking and less mechanical. I was working on my cross hatching technique throughout this piece, I really enjoyed how it turned out. The back wing ended up a little too short, it makes the bird appear cut off. I think for another project I will be doing a bird as well, and the next time I will make it more mechanical. I am thinking about doing a pelican. I overall like how this project turned out, yet I struggled in completing the face in I way I liked. I wish I had more time to practice drawing and sketching the bird, I need to practice the profile of the beak and face, it ended up looking different than most Golden eagle pictures.

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