Monday, April 6, 2015

Dolphin #8

I really enjoyed creating the dolphin composition and little did I know that a dolphin is the adored animal of my three table buddy’s. I was challenged by the dolphin to create a mechanical aspect that matched the texture of a dolphin, sleek and smooth. I had a lot of fun figuring out which way the stripes were to go on the dolphin, and from the angles and the shape of the dolphin it seemed logical to do the stripes going across the whole body.
One thing that I did that I normally didn’t do was add a language in place of mechanical objects so I threw in some Modern Hebrew that said dolphin, jump, and dive. It seemed to fit right in and made the piece a little more exciting. I think I will definitely be adding Aramaic or another language soon to other pieces.

  This was the first mechanical drawling where I added more than 3 animals, having 4 dolphins created a more intricate and developed piece. I was very hesitant to add more things to the original two but after adding them I liked the piece better and felt that it turned out the way I wanted.

Some people have a hard time figuring out what animal it is but that’s ok, I like to have them look at it and see what they want to see, not just what I am trying to have them see. I feel pretty accomplished with how my art has progressed and am excited to show you my next one J

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